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Marketing ideas for gym owners

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has impacted many small business owners around the world. Gym owners are no different and they face a serious threat to their business. Not only that, probably the traditional fitness business model will be forced to change given the upcoming changes in customer habits that COVID-19 will drive in society.

Now is the time to generate ideas, try new things, make mistakes, correct them, etc. So I simply wanted to share my ideas with all those trying to generate new business in these difficult times. Now, I must make clear I have not tried them myself yet and not sure if they would work, but I guess that I if I had my own gym, these are the ones I would try out.

So here is a small infographic I have designed with some marketing actions you could look into for your gym, in hope it helps you generate earnings for your facility.

Digital marketing ideas for gym owners
Marketing ideas for Gym Owners

Digital marketing ideas for gym owners
Marketing ideas for gym owners

A couple of extra things I would like to add before finishing this post.

In the first infographic, here is the link to the study carried out by Flat 101 where they analyze traffic and conversions across several industries in the Spanish market Definitely, worth the read.

Second, now is the time to focus on your existing customers. Time will come to grow your business through new customers but now, the priority should be on helping customers and letting them know your brand is close to them even in difficult times.

In this sense, consider developing a survey for your customers. Try to find out things involving new customer habits, their level of trust towards going back into the gym, if they have purchased equipment to work out at home, their level of concern, etc.

Ultimately, all marketing efforts should be aimed at helping your customers and listening to them will be best guide to your marketing efforts in the future.

This is it for this first edition which I hope to update regularly. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to add any that people might find useful. Take this post as an initial brainstorming for all to benefit from.

Keep safe.


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